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What are the Hearts made of?

The Hearts are a mixture of Durham’s Water Putty, wood pulp, and New York City tap water. Durham’s Water Putty is a gypsum based, non-shrinking wood filler. We use Durham’s rather than plaster because it is far higher quality material that makes for a much stronger Heart.

How fragile are the Hearts?

The Heart is hard to break but many of the paint finishes are delicate. The Hearts are stronger than you might think and can be easily handled, but dings or scratches could happen if the Heart is accidentally dropped.

Are the Hearts boxes? Are the Hearts edible? Are the Hearts magnets?

Heart Art Creations™ are pieces of art and are purely decorative. Each comes fitted with a hook so it can be hung on a wall. The Hearts look particularly good when grouped in a display, by theme or by color. The hook is easily removable to accommodate any kind of display.

Can my Heart be displayed outside?

Heart Art Creations™ are best enjoyed while indoors.

What is the size?

The Heart measures about 5 inches high and 5 inches wide and 1½ inches at the deepest point, and the piece is solid material. This is the basic size, but Hearts may vary since they are all handmade.

How do you display the Hearts?

Each Heart may be easily displayed as a wall decoration or on a shelf. A D-ring wire-hanger is attached so the Heart can simply be hung on any secure screw or nail. This hook is easily removed with a screwdriver to accommodate many other types of displays, including on a flat surface. The Hearts look wonderful when displayed in a collection to showcase your personal interests or color scheme. We also offer two Heart easels, brass or wood, available at checkout.

Which one should I start with?

We suggest picking one that captures your current interest. But, if you are having trouble narrowing it down to just one, we recommend “Handle with Care” or “Special Delivery” to start your collection. We believe these pieces are the soul of Heart Art Creations™.

What are your shipping rates and when will my order be shipped?

We will ship your order within four business days after placing the order, unless we notify you otherwise. All United States orders are shipped USPS Priority/First Class. International orders are shipped via the best way possible, be it FedEx, UPS or USPS Priority. Please call or e-mail us for our international shipping rates.
Shipping rates are as follows…
Within the US:
One Heart — $10
Two Hearts — $14
Three Hearts — $18
Four Hearts — $22
Five Hearts — $26
Six Hearts — $30
Please add four dollars per Heart for each additional Heart.
Outside the US: Please call or e-mail for info.

How are the Hearts packaged?

Each Heart comes in its own kraft colored gift box with an embossed label on the top. Inside the box the Heart is wrapped in crisp white tissue. A short bio about Wendy and Heart Art Creations™ is included.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express through our secure checkout. If you would prefer to pay by check or money order please feel free to send one to our New York address on the home page. Checks should be made out to: Wendy Isaacson Collection. Remember to include the shipping and handling charges with your payment. We will ship orders once the check has been processed.

Do you make Hearts on commission?

Wendy can create Hearts to order, but it depends very much on the time of year, production capacity, the level of other orders and the complexity of your piece. Hearts are all made in NYC, by hand, so there is limited amount of production available. Wendy invites you to inquire, however. Clients have found these special order Hearts particularly satisfying, although the Hearts do take some time to produce. Whether a single Heart or multiple Hearts for a party, corporate function, wedding or promotion simply e-mail an idea of time frame, design and budget and Wendy will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you have Heart designs that aren’t on the website?

Yes, there are countless designs. Please call or e-mail to inquire about other designs.

Can I use the Heart Art Creations™ images or designs for my own use?

Heart Art, its designs, images and all rights are copyrighted. They are not available for unauthorized use.

Do you wholesale and/or consign the Hearts?

At this time we are not pursuing any consignments. However, feel free to e-mail us regarding wholesale ideas.