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Heart Art Creations™

Heart Art developed over the last 20 years in a display wood shop in New York City’s Chelsea section. Being surrounded by so many materials and tools, and inspired by the talents of the shop’s specialized craftsman, a unique art object evolved which we now call Heart Art Creations™.

Heart Art has been created by hand for over twenty years, and we are proud that the time-tested processes leave a piece of our heart in every one we make. From our heart to yours, we hope to change the shape of your world one heart at a time.

The Making of a Heart

Our process begins with Durham’s Water Putty, wood pulp and our secret amount of NYC tap water. (We love knowing there’s a little bit of NYC in every heart.) After the mixture has cured in a mold, the heart is removed and air dries before beginning the extensive finishing processes that transform the heart into a special piece of art. Our finishes are labor intensive, and require highly skilled and experienced hands and a comprehensive understanding of the materials one is working with.

Through these and several other techniques (such as the process behind our famous “Sent with Love” heart), Heart Art Creations™ creates pieces that enable owners to bring home handmade works of “heart”. A few examples of our finishing techniques follow:

Our fabric technique:
We begin by selecting scale-appropriate fabric designs and then let our imagination envision the end result. After we have selected our fabric, it is cut and hand-applied to the heart using professional-grade spray glue. It is important that the fabric is stretched over the heart such that the design is properly balanced, and to ensure the fabric stays wrapped flawlessly. The end result can fool the eye. Many customers believe these hearts are hand painted, but it is a skilled hand of another sort that wraps these fabric hearts. The final, and very important step, is to spray the heart with at least five coats of waterborne urethane. Each coat is hand sanded before the next coat is applied. This protects and adds luster to the heart.

Our paint finish technique:
We begin with the same hearts used in the fabric process. Instead of being covered, these hearts are first hand-sanded and filled many times. Each sanding leads to new holes and nicks that are filled to ensure an even surface. Once perfectly smooth the hearts are sprayed with a primer to ensure an even painting surface. Finally at least three coats of a high-gloss enamel paint are applied to give each the color and shine loved the world over.

Our paper wrapping technique:
This is similar to our fabric covering process. However, with paper the perfectly smooth finish is not the intended result. Actually, the paper naturally lends itself to the beautiful crinkled and textured edges that make each heart so unique. It takes a trained eye to place these folds to perfectly accentuate the heart’s shape without distracting from the beauty of the piece.

photo of Wendy

Wendy Isaacson

At a very young age, Wendy would create fanciful figures from plastic eggs, greeting cards and potholders to sell door-to-door. Born in Massachusetts, Wendy moved to New York City to study design at F.I.T. The culture, excitement and the vibe of the city won her heart and she never looked back. For nearly two decades Wendy has been fulfilling her life long dream of creating handcrafted art that has a special meaning to each owner. She does this through Heart Art Creations™. Whimsical, thought provoking or touching, each heart brings a smile to its owner. She hopes that her work continues to be shared, treasured and en”joy”ed.